Food establishments are routinely inspected based upon their classification to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Connecticut Public Health Code, Section 19-13-B40 and B42 and the District Sanitary Code. New food service establishments must be inspected and approved prior to opening.  Inspections focus on food protection, food handling, cleanliness, upkeep and personal hygiene practices. The term “food establishment” includes restaurants, grocery stores, bars, taverns, schools, private clubs, mobile vendors, seasonal and temporary operations. There are 580 licensed food establishments in the District, not including temporary vendors. Food establishments, including temporary vendors, must obtain a license from the District to operate.

Complaints concerning the condition or operation of a food establishment should be directed to the District Sanitarians. 

Inspection Forms and Documents

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Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Classes

(formerly called Qualified Food Operator)