About Us

The Central Connecticut Health District is the local health department serving the towns of Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill and Wethersfield. The District formed in June 1996 with the Towns of Rocky Hill and Wethersfield. Berlin joined the District in June 1998 and Newington is the newest member town effective July 1, 2006. The District is overseen by a twelve member Board of Health and functions as an independent entity of government. Our main office is located in the Wethersfield Town Hall with satellite offices in Berlin, Newington and Rocky Hill. Each satellite office is staffed by a Sanitarian. Satellite office hours are limited as the Sanitarians spend most of their time in the field.

Vision Statement

Healthy People in a Healthy Community

Mission Statement

The Central Connecticut Health District is committed to improving the quality of life in our communities through prevention of disease and injury, fostering of a healthy environment, and promotion of the health of our residents.

Purpose of a Public Health Agency

  • prevent epidemics and the spread of disease

  • protect against environmental hazards

  • prevent injuries

  • promote and encourage healthy behaviors

  • respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery; and

  • assure the quality and accessibility of health services

10 Essential Public Health Services

  1. Conducts and disseminates assessments focused on population health status and public health issues facing the community

  2. Investigates health problems and environmental public health hazards to protect the community

  3. Informs and educates about public health issues and functions

  4. Engages with the community to identify and address health problems

  5. Develops public health policies and plans

  6. Enforces public health laws

  7. Promotes strategies to improve access to health care services

  8. Maintains a competent public health workforce

  9. Evaluates and continuously improves processes, programs, and interventions

  10. Contributes to and applies the evidence base of public health.


Our values as a public health agency

As a health district we work for and are accountable to the public. Therefore, individually and as an agency we strive for excellence and will demonstrate:

Integrity~ We will be honest, ethical and responsible in our interactions with the public and each other.

Transparency~ Our decisions will be made openly and information made readily available to the public.

Evidence-based practice~ We believe that policy and practice should be guided by scientific evidence.

Respect~ We will demonstrate compassion and acceptance, honor confidentiality, and preserve dignity.

Social justice and diversity~ We believe that everyone’s health matters equally, and that services and solutions must be accessible, affordable, and appropriate for all.

Teamwork~ We will communicate, coordinate, and collaborate within our agency, with other organizations and with the community.

Innovation~ We will support staff in creative and progressive problem-solving and service provision.

Personal and Professional Development~ We will support personal and professional growth through the advancement of knowledge and experience, the delegation of responsibility, and the recognition of individual and team accomplishments.

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