New septic systems and repairs to existing septic systems are installed with regulatory oversight by the District.   Plans are reviewed and approved, installations are inspected and final approval is issued by the District in accordance with CT Public Health Code, Section 19-13-B100a and 19-13-B103, and with the current Technical Standards.

The District witnesses on-site soil testing including percolation tests and deep test pits to determine the suitability of a site to support a septic system.   Following site testing, plans are prepared by the installer or engineer and submitted to the District for approval.   Once approved, a permit is issued and the system is installed with in-process inspections by the District.   Following installation, a final inspection is made to ensure the installation was performed in accordance with the regulations and Technical Standards.   The District issues a Permit to Discharge once the system installation is complete and an as-built drawing has been received.

Complaints concerning the condition or operation of a septic system should be directed to the District Sanitarians.

Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)

Septic Systems (Onsite/Decentralized Systems)