CCHD Congratulates 2019’s Walking Competition Participants!


Central Connecticut Health District (CCHD) hosted our fourth annual Step into Summer 2019: Four Town Walking Competition from April 28th through June 8th in partnership with Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield. During the 6-week event, district residents and employees within the towns of Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill and Wethersfield engaged in a friendly neighborhood competition in an effort to jump start an active and healthy summer.

Neary 700 participants of all ages from each respective town teamed up to track their activity using pedometers, Fitbits, or similar tracking devices, and reported their steps on a weekly basis aboard the Walker Tracker website. In culmination of the competition, CCHD held a closing ceremony on July 9th at The Richard D. Tulisano Summer Concert Series held at Elm Ridge Park’s Veterans Memorial Amphitheater in Rocky Hill to commemorate this year’s participants and crown 2019’s champions.

The High Stepper Award Trophy, awarded to the town with the highest average steps per participant, was presented to Berlin’s Revenue Clerk Sheel Patel. At first place, the town of Berlin has been crowned champion for four consecutive years, registering a total of 18,872 miles with an average of 200.8 miles per each of their 94 participants during this year’s competition.

The Impact Award Plaque, awarded to the town with the highest number of participants, was presented to Newington’s Mayor Roy Zartarian. At second place, the town of Newington registered a total of 49,202 miles, the highest total miles in the competition, with an average of 183.6 miles per each of their 268 participants.

At third place, the town of Wethersfield registered a total of 33,790 miles with an average of 171.5 miles per each of their 197 participants. At fourth place, the Central Connecticut Health District registered a total of 1,371 miles with an average of 152.3 miles per each of their 9 participants. Last but not least, at fourth place, the town of Rocky Hill registered a total of 17,257 miles with an average of 138.1 miles per each of their 125 participants.

Collectively, all five teams have walked a total of 120,491miles: 4.8 times around the circumference of the earth (24,900 mi) or half of the way to the moon (238,855 mi) over the course of the 6-week competition!

The Central Connecticut Health District would like to express our sincerest gratitude and congratulate this year’s participants. We are also thankful to the representatives from our four towns who serve on the Steering Committee and to our partners at Anthem and Walker Tracker. We invite you to join us next year for 2020’s Walking Competition to keep moving in the right direction one step at a time!

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Central Connecticut Health District (CCHD) is the local health department serving the towns of Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill, and Wethersfield. The district was formed in June 1996 with the towns of Rocky Hill and Wethersfield. Berlin joined the District in 1998, followed by Newington in 2006. CCHD is overseen by a fourteen member Board of Health and functions as an independent entity of government. CCHD underwent centralization in 2019 and is currently located in Rocky Hill.