Have you ever had the flu? Have your children ever had the flu? If so, you know first hand how miserable you or your child felt while sick. But, did you know that since 2010, the Centers for Disease Control estimated 12,000-79,000 individuals die each year from flu-related causes? Do you know what is the number one means of protecting yourself from the flu? If you guessed a flu shot (vaccination) you are correct. Common hygiene measures such as washing your hands and covering your cough and sneeze can protect yourself and others from spreading germs as well.


Central Connecticut Health district offers flu vaccination clinics each fall

The Central Connecticut Health District annually holds public influenza (Flu) immunization clinics, usually during the month of October. The clinics are open to persons age 4 and older.

Influenza immunization is recommended for nearly everyone over 6 months of age.  Persons at high risk for complications from influenza include everyone 50 years of age or older, all children aged 6 months to 18 years old, people with chronic disorders of the lungs or heart, anyone with an impaired immune system, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, and blood cell disease, and health care workers and others in contact with people in high risk groups.

We accept most insurance plans. Those without insurance are charged a nominal fee.

You can complete the form below, print and bring it with you. You will proceed even faster through our efficient clinics.

Please wear short sleeves or loose-sleeved clothes to the clinic. District residents who are unable to leave their homes may call the Health District at (860) 785-8380 to arrange for a home visit.



If you would like to shorten the amount of time in the clinic, please complete the form found on the link below.