Inspection Forms and Documents

CCHD Fee Schedule

(effective 7/1/18)

Daycare Facilities

Inspection Form

CT Public Health Code, Section 19a-79-1a thru 13


Food Service Establishments

 CCHD Fee Schedule (effective 7/1/18)                                                                                                         

Food  Service Establishment Guidance Packet for New Businesses

New Food Establishment Check List

Food Service Establishment License Application Form

Food Establishment Plan Review Application Form

Application for Use of Time Only as a Control for Potentially Hazardous Foods Form

Designated Alternate Form (QFO)

Choking Poster (8.5 x 11) pdf

MDC Wastewater general permit

Mobile Vendor Information Sheet

Mobile Vendor Food License Application Form

Base of Operations Form (must be completed with Mobile Vendor Food License Application)


Farmers Market Seasonal Food Service Application Form


Temporary Food Service Application Form - effective 7/1/2018

Temporary Food Service Establishment Inspection Form

Food Safety Brochure at Temp Events


Short Term Power Outage Guidelines

Long Term Power Outage Guidelines


Central CT Health District Sanitary Code -   (See Chapter 4)

Motel License Application Form

Motel Inspection Form


Salons (Barber, Beauty, Nail)

CCHD Sanitary Code (See Chapter 5)

Barber, Beauty, Nail Salon License Application

Salon Inspection Form

Salon Plan Review Checklist

Salon Plan Review Application Form

A Guide for Nail Salon Workers (OSHA)

Septic Systems

Application for Soil Testing Addition Review

Investigation for Sewage Disposal System

Permit to Construct/Repair Application

Septic System As-Built Form 

Checklist for Septic System Design Plan

Swimming Pools (Public)

Public Pool License Application

Public Pool Inspection Form

Public Swimming Pool Operators Manual

CCHD Sanitary Code (See Chapter 3)

Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool Safety Act

Backyard (Private Home) Swimming Pool Brochure